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ABHISHEK Agnihotri

I am not a venture capitalist.. I do not have a fancy MBA nor a business model.

I am a jack of many trades.. I am a creative director with Magic Mushroom Enter-
tainment. I write films..and I am an avid Arm Chair Philosopher!! .. that's right..i can
give you 'gyan ' on absolutely everything…though I can't take gyan..i get irritate-
d…Hey..i like to live by the doctrine of double standards.

I believe in relationships and have been happiest when I have been in one so I'm
going to admit right here that I've always needed someone to 'complete me'
(thank you Jerry Maguire).

I do believe that life gives you 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances…you just need to take
the 1st step towards it… I did. more

Varsha Agnihotri Vadhyar

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's VARSHA! Breaking all speed records she dashes to
catch you at the door if it's your first party. So that's reason no three to sign up.
We completely understand how intimidating it can be to enter a room full of
strangers when finding love is on the agenda.

Coming back to cupid's li'l helper, she wastes no time in making friends and
putting you at complete ease. She will introduce you to other members especia-
lly those with whom she thinks there is scope for progress. This fire-starter has
been a theater actress for 25 years and is also the life of the party. Along with this

she is a guest column writer on relationships for IDiva.Varsha puts her people skills

to optimum use ensuring even the really shy ones come out and have a gala time.

Well, after all at Footloose No More we are very serious about fun.